Wednesday 18 July 2012

Determine how many stats an unid item will have

I will make this quick and easy to understand.
First you link and unid item in chat. then type in two foreign letters ( for example: alt+ 3215 ) then link the item again in chat.

Example: party:[Hellscape Mask]ÅÅ[Hellscape Mask]

Once you did that, put the cursor in the middle of the two foreign letters, and press the delete key three times.
Once you did that you will see a series of numbers

Example: HItem:2,1565456763:-1603280181:1055553278,1055553278,1055553278,1176553157:-1:0:-1:-1:-1:8:661:661:0:0:6:0:-1551466265:|h[Hellscape Mask]|h

Pay attention to these bolded numbers : 1565456763:-1603280181:1055553278,1055553278,1055553278,1176553157

What I have concluded is that you ignore the first two set of numbers and every set after that will represent an attribute

This is what the item looks like after i id'd it.

HItem:2,1565456763:-1603280181:683068511,-2121970945,1446938815,1289779934:-1:1:213642:9:5:9:661:661:0:0:6:0:-809448766:|h[Lord Vessel]|h

Notice that the first two numbers before and after id'ing are the same but the rest are different. this means that the italicized numbers represent 4 attributes.

I am working on decoding each numerical attribute, but in the meantime this will be helpful

Test this on a junky rare item and see for yourself.


1. press enter for chat to come up
2. link whatever unid item
3. enter two foreign characters ( i did alt+3215 on number pad )
4. link the item again
example: party: [High Scabbard]ÅÅ [High Scabbard]
5. click the cursor in the middle of the two foreign letters and press delete three times
6. without pressing enter, copy the code from beginning to end and paste it in note pad MAKE SURE TO NOT PRESS ENTER IN CHAT OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET DISCONNECTED
7. at the end of the code you will see 0:0:6:0 , 0:0:7:0, 0:0:8:0
8. use this key to determine how many attributes your unid item will possess:

0:0:6:0 - 4-affix rare
0:0:7:0 - 5-affix rare
0:0:8:0 - 6-affix rare

9. make sure to delete your chat code in game so you dont get disconnected