Sunday 8 July 2012

Over 600k/hour AFK!

This guide was mailed to us. I won't be releasing his script as this is what people will call exploiting. It gives you an idea how these people work though if you are against this stuff. And if you are not, you might find this interesting.

Requirements: 5 accounts. No characters required.

1 character is the "booster" - initially hosts the turn in.
1 character is the "hoster" - hosts the turn in after entering booster's game
3 characters are "leechers" - stay for the turn in and earn more gold

Shown first by iaccidentallytwink of OwnedCore!

  1. Have the booster ready in the camp with Adria.
  2. Have the hoster quick join from the main menu.
  3. When you see the party formed in the main menu, leave the game on the booster.
  4. You are now ingame with just the hoster, as if you are PLing via perma-ZK.
  5. Have all 3 of the leechers quick join. Main Menu or ingame, it doesn't matter.
  6. Turn in the quest with the hoster.
  7. Rinse and Repeat.

I'm pushing 670k gold an hour with this, and almost fully scripted. Window positioning is important if you only have one monitor along with a few other errors, such as the "Party Locked" error, which I account for by toggling Quick Join on the character when it appears to fix the error.

Enjoy, and try to keep this a bit private.