Saturday 7 July 2012

Selling Unidentified Items

Hey folks! this past weekend i made 3 million gold doing what i'm about to describe.

its actually very simple:

  1. Do your normal inferno farm run. either do a couple runs and save all your ilvl 63 items, or do one run then proceed to step two.
  2. Join Trade channel. Start advertising your unidentified item. (Me: [Some unidentified iLvl63 item] No current offer. PST.)
  3. watch the offers start rolling in. re-post your item with the top bid. (Me: [Some unidentified iLvl63 item] 150k c/o "Buyers name". PST.)
  4. Every time someone outbids, update. if there isn't a bid on it for 2 min, post again. if there still isn't a bid, post again, add "Final Call!" to the end. (Me: [Some unidientified iLvl63 item] 500k c/o "New Buyers name". PST. Final Call!)
  5. If someone bids, start over from 3. if no one bids, whisper the buyer and either join there game, or have them join yours. trade the item for the gold. be careful of trade scams. if you think there trying to scam call them on it. stay calm, stay cool. don't click-and-drag into the window. right click. if they really are trying to scam, leave game and start over from #2.

"Voy, WHY? are you dumb?!? you could get a 10m item!"

Yes, you could. but, you have a 5% chance, or lower, of your item being worth big gold. with this, you have a 70% chance of EVERY ITEM being worth at least 100k.

So, you sell 10 items that end up being junk, you make 1.5 m

If in those 10 items you get an item that happens to be worth 1m on the AH, you've still come out ahead.

and the more you sell, the better it gets, because if you sell 20 items, and make 3m, then if you get an item worth 1.5m you're still ahead.

over the weekend the best item i sold was worth about 500k to the seller. he bought it for 150k.

The best sale i made was worth 650k. the buyer salvaged it because it was garbage.

I sold about 25 items over the weekend, and made around 3m. not one item was worth more than 500k.

(for a bit of additional gold, save your 62 items as well. they will sell for around 10-25k.)

The only caveat to this is: save all 60-62 rings and ammys. 60 rings/ammys will go for around 100k, 61 rings/ammys 200k, 62 rings/ammys 300k.
Hellion Crossbows sell really well.

There's a market here for gambling players. you can capitalize on it for a smoother, if lower, gold income.