Tuesday 3 July 2012

A spreadsheet to assist in determining optimal farming efficiency, between MF and Acts

Heres the spreadsheet

436 elite kills varying my MF from 0 to 323 (with and without Valor) and logged every rare drop.
  • Base rate is about 0.37 rares per elite
  • Each point of magic find adds about 0.0028 rares per elite
  • Elites drop 2 blues, 1 white and 50% chance for an additional white
  • Nephalem Valor adds MF/GF. At 5 stacks an extra rare drops completely independently of the base drops.
  • For a basic Butcher run (11 elites and 2 bosses), 250% MF will net you about 60% more gear
I just added my raw data to the spreadsheet. There is a gap in the data for 5-NV runs between 100% and 200% total MF, if anyone has similar data that could act as a proxy here

visual guide here: d3mf.webs.com/