Wednesday 4 July 2012

Barbarian Double Tornado build + Video Guide

Here is a short video guide for the Double Tornado build :

It explain anything in the video though, just show how to play, so here're some explanations.

It's based around Sprint/Run like the Wind and Battle Fury/Into the Fray with no primary fury generator.

Basically, with Into the Fray, Sprint's tornadoes have a 20% chance to generate 15 fury. Since they hit a total of 50 times (when dualwielding with low attack speed 1h, more with more AS), it generates more fury than it uses, and serve as the primary skill.

This high number of hits also have another effect : Life on Hit is very strong with this build. With the minimum attack speed, each Sprint cast heals you for 250% of your LoH stat for each tornado hitting an enemy (and each enemy). It heals so fast, one can tank Inferno with very low Armor and Resistances, and you can survive with cheap gear.
800k gold is enough to tank 4 champion packs at once in Act 3 (in EU, see

Skills and Passives
  • One more side effect of the high number or hits (or high fury-generation) is the ability to keep Wrath of the Berserker (with Thrive on Chaos) up for an "infinite" time, making one immune to all forms of CC, another great survivability boost.
  • Whirlwind is used since once can use while moving, so one can use Sprint normally and WW at the same time, adding some damage and LoH without losing anything. Sprint generate enough fury to keep WW up as long as one need, as long as there's a few enemies. (2, or even a single big one can be enough)
  • Hurricane allows tornadoes to spawn more often (depends on movement speed), thus beating any other rune by far.
  • War cry is used to help getting the initial fury, and is a great defense boost too.
  • Overpower/Crushing Advance helps a lot. The 30% reflection is also a 30% damage reduction, or even more : when you "hit" an enemy with the reflection, the LoH trigger, so you are also healed a bit (33% LoH). This boost survivability a lot too. It can be used while Sprinting/WWing without interruption, making it a free DPS boost. With enough LoH, it turns any DoT like Desecrator, Plagued, Molten,... into a free heal/fury generator (with the LoH on reflection, you heal more than you get damaged, since those DoTs hit very fast but with low damage).
  • With Ruthless, Weapons Master (Mace/Axe) and the base %, you can get 20% Critical Hit Chance with no item. The build require a minimum of 35% (40% to be comfortable) for the fury generation to work correctly, so you need 15-20% from items, which can be achieved with "only" gloves + bracers + amulet.
  • He use Nerves of Steel since my armor isn't high yet, but Superstition is great too, helps a lot with the main weak point of the build : kiting elites (they can run out of your tornadoes).
Here the "How to Play" guide :

And a gearing guide(or to be more accurate, the minimum gear required to survive in Act 3 with less than 1 million, not enough explanations)