Monday 16 July 2012

Updated 1.06 Version of Full Featured Character DPS Calculator

Just wanted to let you know that version 1.06 of the DPS calculator is up here at That's Yo Garbage.

Version 1.06 fixes the Dual-Wield DPS equation throughout the spreadsheet and cleans up some colours. Additionally the Open Office version is in a format that should be usable by more people.

Version 1.05 already includes the following features:

1) Input your current character stats and see total character DPS as well as DPS per point of each type of bonus stat (Non-weapon bonus damage, Non-weapon attack speed, Critical hit chance, Critical hit damage and Primary damage stat).

2) Comparison table that shows you how many points of each bonus stat are worth how many points of any other bonus stat.

3) Massively upgraded weapon comparison tool that will allow you to compare the DPS gain or loss from switching weapons. This includes being able to model the DPS gain or loss in going from Dual Wielding to One-Handed or Two-Handed, One-Handed to Two-Handed, or Two-Handed to One-Handed. This includes the ability to factor in gaining or losing an off-hand item such as a source or quiver.

4) New section allowing you to input the DPS bonus stats from every piece of gear your character is equipped with and compare the DPS gain or loss from switching that piece of gear, PLUS a total row at the bottom that will correctly model switching multiple pieces of gear simultaneously (including correctly modeling the geometric relationship between Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage.