Thursday 9 August 2012

[Monk] Optimal skill set for MoE-Backlash

Recently, I've been playing around with MoE-Backlash with various dodge-boosting skills. There seems to be a spectrum of tradeoffs with the various combinations (damage/utility/dodge) and I've been trying to find the sweet spot for damage vs survivability. Putting it out there for crowd-sourced theory crafting.

Here's what I've gravitated towards. Works well for Act 2 farm, not quite geared enough for Act 3 farm:

  1. FoT - Lightning Flash
  2. Dashing Strike - Quicksilver (for mobility and dealing with CC)
  3. Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
  4. Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
  5. MoE - Backlash
  6. Serenity - Ascension

  1. Resolve
  2. OWE
  3. Sieze the Initiative

Keeping actives 3-6 unchanged, I've also tried:

1) Cyclone Strike - Wall of Wind + Crippling Wave - Mangle
  • Great AOE
  • damage drops for single target
  • CS seems to be too expensive spirit-wise.
2) Dashing Strike - Blinding Speed + Crippling Wave - Mangle
  • Great AOE
  • not so great single target
3) Dashing Strike - Blinding Speed + FoT - Lightning Flash
  • Is the added dodge worth the extra spirit cost?
4) FoT - Thunder Clap + Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light
  • Straight up damage
  • How much dex would you need to get Backlash to proc enough without dodge-boosting abilities?