Tuesday 7 August 2012

D3 Hack To Change Item Names - Everyone Can See

Awesome way to change the links for items and the names. It wont do anything but you can have cool looking items now. Im not sure if you can be banned for using this so be careful on that one since you do use cheat engine.


  1. Download Cheat Engine
  2. Load up cheat engine, choose Diablo III.exe
  3. Change "SCAN VALUE TYPE" to "STRING"
  4. Type in the item name perfectly
  5. Hit "FIRST SCAN"
  6. A bunch of hits should come up. Hit next scan a few times and it may shorten.
  7. Highlight all of the hits that came up, and click the red arrow in cheat engine
  8. At the window below, double click the name and a textbox should come up for you to change it. Change it to what you want for ALL of them.
  9. Once you're done, under active, hit the box to put an X in there.
  10. That's it, it should be changed! This change is not A REAL change, but you can link it in chat and EVERYBODY will be able to see.