Saturday 4 August 2012

[TIP] Review stats of recently sold items

This is kinda old, but might help some people who still doesn't know about it.

Sometimes you sell some items on the AH's and then you just see how much gold you made, but when selling tons of items it is common to forget what it's stats was.

If you want to get that info, it is still retrievable before you send that gold to your stash.

How to:
  • When you see the gold sum waiting to be sent to the stash, don't do that yet. instead, Hit [ENTER] , thus changing the focus to the chat bar. 
  • Hold shift and click the gold coins icon. Item name will be automatically written (as you would normally do as to link your item on the chat)
  • Hit [ENTER] again, sending the message. there is no need for it to have a valid recipient, I just send it as is (and also not having joined a chat channel, unless you want to broadcast that)
  • Now just click the item link you just "posted", should be able to check the stats one last time.