Monday 6 August 2012

Extreme power leveling

What you need to:

  1. Level 15
  2. Act 3 Crater lvl 2 and last way point
  3. Helm with red gem + items with xp bonus (you can find while running or you can spend 100k on ah for set..)
  4. Level 60 weapon with lvl reduction (best 18 for lvl 42)
PROS: 200k xp -5 min,
CONS: Requires some investment (100-200k gold for lvl 1-40 gear) (2-4 mill lvl 42 weapons with lvl reduction)

So its simple just get some early to lvl 15-20 than just go Act 3 crater lvl 2 - quick run there than teleport to last waypoint kill mobs there and than just kill azmodan.

1-60 in 7 hours.

longest part was getting lvl 15 .

Another trublesome part is Hell dificulty ye runing and kiling everything might be dificult but t.y for blizard lvl reduction on ITEMS.

personaly i bought 2 weapons for 4 milion each 900 dps 1 handers ( i made profit of them 50 mils mace was with 100% crit 900 dps loh and stats + 520 lighting dps and 150 vit bought for 2 mill)

After you get those items you just can roflstomp. And i used gear +xp boost.

i was getting about 200k each run took about 4 mins each tho i did with Barbar other classes might be harder not shure.

i was surprised than i got those insane Xp bonuses 11-15k bonus just from multiple kills 70-90 mobs killed. and its easy bcs of those spider packs which are very big and die

very easy .