Thursday 20 September 2012

Demon Hunter: Make everything explode - Impale Build

So I got the idea from seeing a barbarian HotA build, reduce the cost of Impale and spam the skill as a main attack. I've got the build to a point where I would claim is a huge success. My critical hits range from 160k-240k popping most mobs in A3 Inferno instantly, while most of the elite packs I can face tank with gloom while taking them down quicker than I run out of discipline.

I'll cover the items real quick and then the build I am using, follow along with my profile to check my equipment and skills.

So the 4 main items I have are: The Inquistitor(5 hatred reduction), SoJ(5 HR), Skull Grasp(4HR) and Mira's Kaleidoscope(4HR). I'm pretty sure the Kaleidoscope can also roll a 5HR for Impale but the one I got was much cheaper and it works fine. Total HR for Impale on my current equipment is 18 HR. So each Impale costs me 7 hatred. Out of 125, that is 17 Impales before I run out of Hatred, not counting hatred regeneration which essentially makes it so I never run out of hatred.

The only item I believe can be tweaked a bit is The Inquistor, as Nat's chest piece can also roll Impale HR, but that is a bit more expensive and you pretty much have to buy a SoJ.

As for skills:
Impale - The bread and butter of the build, yet still has some flexibility. There are three runes I feel are worth noting, Chemical Burn, Overpenatration and Awareness. Chemical Burn for huge single target damage, Overpenatration for popping crowds of trash and Awareness for a hybrid Tank build with LoH. I am currently running Chemical Burn because the single target damage is just too good and since Impale pretty much costs me 0 hatred, I can use Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning to take out crowds. I was using Overpenatration for a while and its still pretty good, only downfall is, it has a relatively small width for damage so taking out crowds is a bit tougher. I messed around with Awareness briefly and I'll just say that it has potential.

Ball Lightning or ??? - This slot is really open for whatever you want, I just started using Ball Lightning for crowd support with Chemical Burn on Impale, which seems to be the most effective. If you run Overpenatration though in Impale, you pretty much have a free slot for whatever you want. Some skills I considered were Multishot, for discipline Regen with Suppression Fire(or Broadside for crowd support). Marked for Death(It was ok, nothing too special. Though I was thinking it could be amazing to have if a Calamity applies the rune you have for Marked for Death and combine that with the lifesteal rune.)

The other 4 are somewhat flexible depending on your gear and Hatred Regeneration.

Smoke Screen - The rune is flexible on this one, pick the one you like. I personally run Lingering Fog. This is really only on the bar for anti-CC.

Preparation - Backup Plan - This is for face tanking those elites that take a little more effort, just need to keep enough discipline so you can keep Shadow Power going.

Shadow Power - Gloom - The lifesteal and damage reduction is what you need. Mostly the lifesteal honestly, I believe this will actually only improve for 1.0.5.

Companion - Bat - More Hatred, thats it. If you can get enough Hatred Regeneration on your Weapon and Quiver and Chest, then maybe you don't need this. It would still be useful to spam Ball Lightning though. I was also thinking if you had Vengeance, you might not need this.

Passives: Steady Aim, Archery, Sharpshooter

Reasons? DPS. I want to Crit and and Crit hard with my Impale, these help me do that. Other possibilities to consider would be, Vengeance(drop Companion - Bat for something else), Night Stalker, and possibly Numbing Traps if you want to work Caltrops - Bait the Trap into the build for even more Critical Chance.

So yeah, that is about it. Still working on it but overall I am very happy to have an alternate to the glass cannon build I've been using since they nerfed the DH Tank.