Thursday 20 September 2012

Tips for Managing your Gold in Diablo

Anyone that plays Diablo with any seriousness wants to make and hold onto as much gold as they can. If you think about it, building and managing your gold in Diablo is much like playing poker. In fact, there are some poker money managing tips that can help you make more gold and manage your earnings in Diablo.

Know When To Drop a Bad Item
When a game gets bad in poker, meaning that there is little money to be made, it is time for the good players to hit the road. The same is true in Diablo in regards to holding onto certain items.

Some players will hold onto items way to long in the hopes of seeing the value of said item go up. They don't want to lose money, but the longer they hold onto it the more money they lose. Learn when to cut your losses and move on.

Do Your Research
Online poker players do extensive research into what the best games are and even take notes on their opponents. You can do the same regarding items in Diablo to help determine the best way to buy and sell items for a profit.

For example, anything with a gold find and pickup radius is going to be valuable.
Research the market to see what things are going for and then try and find those items at
a reasonable rate to sell in the auction house.

Don't Show Your Hand
In poker, it is a bad idea to show your hand or to reveal too much about your strategy. The same applies in Diablo. If you have a tactic that you use to build gold, it is counterproductive in many cases to share. This is especially true if it is an in-game auction strategy. Giving away knowledge will cost you gold.
While it is said that poker players do not respect the value of money, that statement is largely untrue as without money they cannot play. For those that play Diablo, you know that without gold it is very difficult to level up in the game. As such you need to devise and execute strategies and use tactics like the ones above to manage your gold so you can put yourself in position to level up.