Sunday 2 September 2012

Let's talk about how you maximize farming efficiency

I was having a discussion with some of my SWTOR guildies about looting items during a farming run, which I found pretty interesting and helpful.

With the recent updates and changes to the economy, however, I am interested to hear about what you guys do now.

Personally I I pick up:

  • All yellows ilvl62 or higher
  • All yellow amulets and rings regardless of level
  • All gems/tomes/potions, as long as it's within like 1 second of walking distance or so
  • All ilvl61 or higher weapons
  • All legendaries
  • Gold within 1 second of walking, as long as it looks decent.
  • While walking to my loot I'll scan any blues, but it's a super fast glance (maybe .5 seconds for everything).

Unless the other stats are good, I typically vendor:

  • Any gloves without crit chance
  • Any boots without run speed
  • Anything less than 60AR
  • Any helmet without a socket
  • Any weapon under 900 DPS (lots exceptions with crit damage, LOH, and socketed weapons)

For my AH techniques, I typically:

  • AH anything that I think is worth over 50k.
  • Look up what other people are selling slightly inferior items for, and then price mine lower.
  • Almost never do a straight-auction (no-buyout), because people are impatient and so am I.
  • Sell many of a similar type at once. This makes price look-ups way faster. (i.e. selling 5 gloves at once, so I don't have to keep switching item types when looking up prices.)
  • Anything I can't sell the first time get's priced reduced up to 50%. Exceptions are 5m+ valed items, in which case -20% max.
  • Anything I know is good buy wont sell I RMAH for it's gold equivalent.

My biggest problem is that I save too much to sell and my stash is too full of things that wont sell. I need to rethink my "keep" rules.

How do you approach your farming? Do you pick up all the rares? Only rares above a certain ilevel? Do you bother with blues?