Monday 3 September 2012

Let's talk about post 1.0.4 Monk Theorycrafting and builds

Some have said they feel monks have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to patch 1.0.4 and the search for viable builds(ex. Cyclone/Crit build) is still very much in its infancy. Shall we use this thread as a resource for post 1.0.4 monk builds? Yes, PLEASE!
Please post your build, DPS, all res, armor and def and explain your build.
I think one aspect that is often overlooked is GEARING for specific builds. Example: A damage dealing spirit spending build will not work without high spirit regen (obvious, but I always hear people talk builds, not gear)
Please disregard CYCLONE Rune as I feel Inner Storm may work even better. My other thought is that I may drop Sweeping Winds all together for another Damage Dealer or Defensive skill like Inner Sanct with Dmg buff!
What you need to be successful with this build: 35K+ DPS Unbuffed - get some Crit Dmg Socket Weapons with Dex 5K Armor 700 Res All
Elite Packs Melt Combo Hit the Elites until you have enough Spirit to do a full Blind, MoC: Overawe, SSS Fulminating Strike Combo. Execute combo and you'll see the elites are likely down to 60% of HP or less, pop serenity if needed and wait for Blind to come back up from cooldown. Blind and use Sweeping Winds right after for boosted SW damage. At this point you should have the Elites down to 25% health, if you're having trouble run away, heal up and hit the elites to gain enough spirit for your DMG combo again, Blind/MOC/SSS will take out the remaining elites.
What builds are you guys messing with?

One thing I also want to mention - the Passive Guiding light I believe it's called the damage buff of 16% actually works with Mantra of Healing. Has anyone thought about the following build for parties? Spirit Gainers DR: ForeSight FOT:TC Spirit Spenders MoH: Spirit Regen Blind: Faith in Light BW: Damage Buff SSS: Fulminating Onslaught
Passives: Guiding Light OWE Seize
Thoughts? You'd be looking at a constant 15%+18%+16% Damage buff without using MoC:Overawe and the protection of MoH.
Thread Observations This has become a great thread for D3Strategy. Let me compile some thoughts and "best ideas". I really am an ass.
Common affixes: LoH, Crit Dmg, Socket or the sexy Won Khim? Life steal will become more popular IMO as dmg increases. In my experience SSS even with 2.5% life steal will heal you to full.
What is on the horizon for monks? Life Steal, Crit, CRIT CRIT!