Friday 7 September 2012

[Monk] 10 things I have learned in 250hr+ which completely changed my level of gameplay

  1. Learn to use your move button. I honestly did not think I could replace dashing strike until I did this.
  2. A decent amount of LoH makes the Peaceful Repose rune on Serenity serve no purpose at all. Use a different one.
  3. Sweeping wind isn't worth it without decent crit chance. Decent crit chance isn't worth it without decent crit damage. If your build includes Sweeping wind, you have greatly narrowed your gear target. If your gear is stacked with crit chance/damage, you'll have trouble experimenting with your build.
  4. Yes, you can play the game without OWE, but it's expensive.
  5. You don't have enough spirit for MoC, Exploding Palm, SSS, and cyclone strike. Pick one. Then stack abilities that make that one better.
  6. It is better for you to have less real health and more effective health. BoH, Pots, LoH, LS, globes, these things all matter more if you have less health. Use an EH calculator and see if that resist/armor upgrade gives you more EH with less Vitality. Granted it's good to have both, but it's cheaper to choose.
  7. Blinding flash is an Oh S**t button as well as a dps bomb (with the right rune). There are very few more useful skills in the game.
  8. The Resolve passive is ~25% melee damage reduction. It's kind of a big deal.
  9. It isn't necessary to have dex on your chest or your pants. It isn't necessary to have vit on your gloves or your boots.
  10. There is a VERY good reason for this distribution:

  • 25 used Fists of Thunder (all Thunderclap)
  • 25 used Sweeping Wind (all Cyclone)
  • 25 used Mantra of Conviction (all Overawe)
  • 25 used Serenity (24 Ascension, 1 Tranquility)
  • 24 used Breath of Heaven (all Blazing Wrath)
  • 16 used Blinding Flash (all Faith in the Light)
  • 6 used Seven-Sided Strike (3 Sudden Assault, 2 Fulminating Onslaught, 1 Several-Sided Strike)
  • 2 used Deadly Reach (Foresight)
  • 1 used Dashing Strike (Quicksilver)
  • 1 used Cyclone Strike (Implosion)
  • 25 used Seize the Initiative
  • 23 used One With Everything
  • 13 used Fleet Footed
  • 6 used Resolve
  • 3 used Exalted Soul
  • 2 used The Guardian's Path
  • 1 used Near Death Experience
  • 1 used Guiding Light (Link to his build)
  • 1 used Combination Strike

All in all, 9 players of the top 25 had the exact same 9 skills, including runes. Not quite the build diversity we saw with DH and WD.