Wednesday 19 September 2012

[Wizard] Archon FAQ & Tips


  I've seen a lot of threads popping up about Archon, so I'm starting an FAQ thread. If you have a question please ask and I'll add it to the post.

Q: What are some baseline stat requirements to successfully farm with Archon?
A: While there is no exact number, my best estimate will have to do. In order to comfortably farm Act 3 I would recommend the following as a minimum:
  • 25k Life
  • 750 resists (w/ prismatic. Force armor is also viable with a different configuration of defensive stats)
  • 6500 Armor (tip: bring your enchantress)
  • 100k DPS (buffed)
  • 2% Lifesteal
  • 35% Crit Chance (to recharge Archon)
  • 12%-25% movement speed
  • Your mileage may vary. You can definitely get by with less but you will have no problems with these stats.
Q: What are the most popular Archon builds?
A: There are quite a few build variants right now as people are still experimenting. Here are a few I have collected:
Q: Do I need lifesteal?
A: Do you NEED a mouse to use a computer? No, but it helps! Lifesteal is the difference between running frantically hoping for a health globe and smashing your enemies without second thought. Lifesteal is worth losing dps over.
Q: Do I need AP on Crit?
A: Yes and no. While during Archon it has no purpose, it makes recharging much easier during downtime. See my tip below on Multiple Weapons.
Q: Are there any Best in Slot (BiS) items to look for?
A: Sortof. There are many different directions you can go with your gear. Here are some obvious choices, however:
  • The Witching Hour - hands down best DPS belt. Try to snag one with vitality and armor or all resist.
  • Lacuni Prowlers - Move speed, attack speed as a base. Find one with Crit and you'll never replace it.
  • Mempo of Twilight - If you can find a Crit + Int roll, this is the best socketed helm you can get.
  • Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit & Zunimassa's Marrow - both fantastic
  • Vile Ward - without a doubt the best shoulders you can get.
  • Depth Diggers - great if you're not 100 paragon yet. Lol.

170k (and quickly growing) dps archon here. I've got a few tips that will make your life easier.
Multiple weapons
Since you NEED lifesteal during Archon and you NEED APoC to recharge quickly, I recommend using two weapons - one with lifesteal and tons of damage and a second with the only purpose of recharging archon.
Buy a cheap Wizardspike for your secondary weapon. It has excellent attack speed, AP on crit, a built in slow mechanic, is indestructable, and gives you extra resists (+80 all) when you need it most. This weapon is incredible for this purpose. DPS does not matter. Swap to this thing, fire a ton of tornados, and Archon is up within seconds.
Ideally your main weapon would have Int, Crit damage, Socket (green gem), and lifesteal. The Butcher's Sickle rolls with all of this, and it also has black damage if you use Triumvirate like I do.
Archon - Teleport
Sure, 25% bonus damage is nice, but this rune will save your life time and time again. Not to mention the ability to jump walls and generally run more quickly.
Diamond Skin vs. Frost Nova
I take Frost Nova as a standalone spell every time. It's just better. Rather than absorbing a triflin' 21k damage, this completely locks down enemies. You can still stunlock like CM/SC (especially with Wizardspike). ::edits:: Some have pointed out that Diamond Skin may be better if you are using Force Armor.
Life on Hit
What? LoH on an Archon build? Yep. I run 800 LoH currently (definitely overkill). This helps immensely during Archon downtime since it procs so splendidly with Storm Chaser's tornados. I wouldn't say this is a requirement at all, but it does help. I wouldn't be afraid to lose LoH for more DPS, however.
I also stream my Archon act 3 runs frequently. PM me if you want the link - I should be on this evening.