Thursday 18 October 2012

A way to farm Nagelring

I got this to drop on the PTR by farming normal Diablo.

It's really simple to do but you need some luck. You know the bonus you get the first time you kill bosses on each toon? Simply kill Diablo over and over on normal and then delete toon and re-make. I used a second account and dual client on the same machine to farm this way with my barb.

This will go for a lot tomorrow since it can get 20-30% mf.

Have fun. I don't feel like farming this since my barb has horrible gear and I'm not sure I want to even play any more, thus I feel you should all have this knowledge.

This probably works as well with Leoric's Signet in act 2, to be honest.

The ring:
+4-8 Damage
20-30% Magic Find
Melee Attackers take 5-7 Damage
Reduces Damage From Ranged Attacks By 2-4%