Monday 15 October 2012

Archon - zero cooldown trick

I have seen, that this "trick" will be fixed in 1.0.5, but still working now. It allows to use the Archon form without the cooldown of 100/120 seconds - so you can run around as Archon forever - very good for high damage wizards.

I have wasted a lot of time to find out how it works, but finally I have got it.

I don't know if this exploit exists in the elite section, so I will post it after a moderator or someone similar gives me green light to post it. So please be patient

So this is how it works for me, but I'm sure it could be done other way. I think the key here is the diamond skin and zero arcane power.

This is easy to reproduce this way:
  • Step 1: equip familiar and magic weapon with +dmg to the shortcut key 1 and 2
  • Step 2: equip diamond skin to key 3. Personally I'm using the rune with the arcane lower cost
  • Step 3: equip Archon to key 4 - I'm using the better Archon rune
  • Step 4: now spam the Keys 1+2+3 untill you completely run out of arcane power. In this time diamond skin should be still active.
  • Step 5: Now quickly spam the Archon key 4 until you turn into Archon

After the Archon is gone, your cooldown should be at zero again. Repeat Steps 4 and 5.

Have fun!