Sunday 14 October 2012

[Barbarian] Bored with WW? Wanna try rending but still want the speed somehow? Try this build folks.

my computer is really laggy, pretty hard to do it with 10-15fps constantly. This video is just a demonstration, please ignore some of my noob moments in the video

Basically: Leap -> WarCry + Battle Rage -> Rend -> RLTW -> Rend -> RLTW to the next pack.

Pro: Pretty Easy to use, Fast, Fun (get the skorn preferably, you should be able to 1 hit trash mop with 1 crit cleave attack / 1 rend). Relatively safe with Leap and RLTW.

Cons: Still slower than WW with full WOTB. Careful with Crowd Control, I had to drop supersition / nerves of steel for the Juggernaut passive.

In term of EXP per Min, I used to get over 400k exp in 1 minute with this build. Comparing to 475-500k exp in 1 minute with WW that I normally get.

Below is the build: