Thursday 4 October 2012

For those that still have 2x 2hands equipped...

We don't know when 1.05 will be released, but I think we are safe to use this until then.

What you want to do now is leave "auto-equip" on, and fill your bag with one open slot just like before. Now, equip an incredibly fast 1 hander with high main stat, crit, and socket. LoH is also really nice too. It will leave your second 2 hander equipped since 1 handers only replace the main hand. You dps might actually calculate too low, but if you already have about 200 crit damage on your 2nd 2hander with some crit chance gear, you will now be attacking so much faster than the 2x 2 hander speed.

For example, my attack speed with my two legendary 2 handers was 1.1, and after replacing the main one with a fast one hander, my new speed is 1.6 and my dps actually went down (displayed value) from 30k to 20k. However, in reality, my character can farm about twice as fast as well as double the dps. It's really good if you have high crits or LoH.

To some this information is common sense, but I just wanted you to be aware that you can probably get more out of this exploit if your still using it by switching to a 1 hander plus the second 2 hander.