Monday 1 October 2012

[Monk] Sweeping Wind Madness

We know that sweeping wind uses your overall DPS to calculate how much damage it does. I have been playing with items and found out a new way to make SW even better. Two words, Flying Dragon.

First you need to use the "Standard Monk Build." Then go buy yourself a good Flying Dragon Daibo with CD/Socket. They are actually pretty cheap since most monks go DW.

Flying dragon may not be the best 2-Hander but it has one of the best effects for monks. It essentially doubles your DPS for a short amount of time.

Some of you may see where this is going and I guarantee you that it is good. What you want to do is wait for your Flying dragon to proc the effect. Make sure that you have BoH on as well. Once it procs, you want to hit BF, then SW.

Here is a pic of how it buffed my DPS below. You will see a huge jump in your killing speed with this. With the coming MP you also want to maximize your damage and this is probably the best I can think of at this moment. SW:Cyclone already does insane amount of damage and with this you pretty much double its effectiveness.

Edit: You can hold shift and keep hitting for Flying dragon to proc then BF to SW. That way you don't have to keep your inv open or watch for attack speed up during a fight.