Tuesday 9 October 2012

My two cents about Diablo 3 after 400 hours played..

For a long period of time, I have been reading about how people dislike this game. How this game has so many problems, how repeating the same level over and over again is somehow less fun than every other currently existing game. I will, in this post, detail my experiences playing Diablo 3, and deal with many of the issues people are having with the game.

1) "I dislike doing the same thing over and over again, we didn't have to do this in Diablo 2, it was so much more fun!"
 - Diablo 2 was the second video game I ever got into, right after Starcraft, and I don't really know which game you were playing, but after my what seemed like millionth Mephisto run with MF gear on, I can honestly say that the D3 system of champ pack hunting is much more exciting.

2) The class and build diversity is too low in D3.
- I love the class diversity. I found it incredibly annoying to have to relevel a new character every time I wanted to try out the new "it" build. I like being able to experiment, tweak things, become a god based on a few changes to my build or gear. The fact that there are more skills and runes than there were in Diablo 2 makes the fact that much more fun.

3) There's no point to play with people, I can solo faster, but I like playing with people more, HALP!
- I play with 4 people pretty much all the time, and while there is no benefit, I find the social aspect that it adds to the game out weighs your farming efficiency. Irrevocably if you play D3 like a machine, and not to have fun slaying massive hordes of demons, you're going to have a bad time.

4) The RMAH degrades the playability of the game! I can't break into the market because I'm not willing to spend money on the game!
- False, I farm A3 on my demon hunter with ease and I haven't spent a dime on this game. If you put in the time and make a few friends, I guarantee you will be sucessful without using the AH. With the prices the way they are, you could easily farm A3 with any class with barely 10 mil in investments. Stop whining about how you can't beat the game in five minutes with crappy gear, and start earning your keep and doing the grind the rest of us are doing. Being good takes time, I can guarantee that the people who have insane amounts of gear and high paragon levels don't get there by whining about how they can't kill stuff fast enough. They take time to understand mechanics, tweak builds and create something they can put their mark on.

5) The drop rates aren't high enough to perfectly gear my character without using the AH! This is a conspiracy by Blizzard to take my money!
- As a person who has given a lot of money to Blizzard throughout my WoW years, and buying every single one of their released games, I can honestly say that I believe that Blizzard doesn't need your money, they were trying to make it easier for you to gear your character, and give you an outlet to try and make gold. They also put the AH in the get rid of the JSP people who caused a lot of problems in D2. The AH is a humongous quality of life improvement for me compared to Diablo 2, and I don't think the game would be as exciting without it.

6) The items have no permanence, they can roll any stats and therefore you cannot have perfect items.
- I personally love this, this basically means that there will never be a perfect set of gear, this will always leave me chasing more gear, will always leave me hungry for some way to get a bigger edge than anyone else has. This personally drives me, and I enjoy it.

Overall, I really just love slaying demons. If you can't enjoy mindless killing for hours on end, then this is probably not the game for you. And, from what I've found, the people that truly enjoyed Diablo 2 are the ones still playing, because there is a lot of good in Diablo 3. I believe that Blizzard did release an unfinished game, but I personally think that it was a blessing because they've been able to tailor the game over the past months to EXACTLY WHAT IT'S PLAYER BASE IS DEMANDING! No other gaming corporation in the world would do this with such rigor. They have people trolling Reddit for great ideas that would make their game more fun and playable. I personally appreciate that Blizzard gave its player base a baby to develop so that the game would be perfectly suited for the people that showed dedication and kept playing.

I think Diablo 3 is one of the most fun games I have ever played, and if you don't agree, and want to keep complaining about how when you don't put All Resist on a DH you get one shotted, or how you can't stand in desecrating and arcane beams on your character the game isn't balanced right, then get out, I don't want you on my game.

However, if you put in the time and effort to enjoy the game and theory craft, and create new ideas, stay and play with me. I don't really believe in giving my gamer tag out in posts, but PM me if you feel like this describes you, or you have a similar belief about the state of Diablo 3.

TL; DR: Stop complaining, keep farming, and KILL MOAR DEMONS!!!