Sunday 4 November 2012

Demon Hunter Strafe Build - Fun way to farm low MPs

Recently I've been playing my Demon Hunter with a Strafe Drifting Shadows build, utilising 24% movement speed and the Vengeance/Night Stalker passives to keep my resources up. I made a quick video showing how it works and the synergy between skills:


(may not show the right build, but you can see roughly where I am in terms of gear)

Primary: Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth / Entangling Shot - Justice is Served (Hatred regen)

Secondary: Bat Companion (Hatred regen)

  • Skill 1: Vault - Trail of Cinders (finishing off groups of enemies, mobility)
  • Skill 2: Strafe - Drifting Shadow (move at 100% speed whilst attacking)
  • Skill 3: Preparation - Focused Mind (Discipline restoration)
  • Skill 4: Shadow Power - Gloom / Shadow Glide (Take some hits / move even faster if you have good defensive gear)


Vengeance - Health Globes are essentially what keeps you going with this build, keeping your Hatred topped up so you can keep Strafing

Night Stalker - High crit chance allows this to be another way to restore Discipline.

Perfectionist - 10% HP, Resistances, Armor. Just a personal favourite. Could be Archery or Tactical Advantage for more DPS/mobility respectively.

The video and my toon are really just a proof of concept, I haven't spent much time in streamlining my gear for it yet, I'd just like to discuss how viable you think this is. Thanks for any feedback you may have.