Monday 19 November 2012

Earn money using the price-dfference between the black market and RMAH

Here's a guide on earning money using the price-dfference between the black market and RMAH.

Basicly what you have to do is to go to the black market and buy gold and then sell it on the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) since the prices on the black market always are lower than the RMAH.

The price-difference depends on the price of the RMAH and the Black Market (further instructions below). Your income will be the difference between the price on the black market and the RMAH price.

Example (EU realm)
RMAH: 1 mil = 0,34 €, transferring these money to your paypal after fees is: ((0,34 - 15%)-15%) = 0,24565€
Black market price: 0,16 € as of 18th november 2012 (see how to determine the black market price below)

Your income pr. 1 mil: 0,08565 (not much, but multiply this with 500 mil or more :-)

  1. $50-100 in start-capital (you have to own money so you can earn money)
  2. access to RMAH 
  3. Skype
  4. Paypal
Buying gold on the black market
To buy gold like a champ you got to do as other goldbuyers does in the buy-sell-section. Make a threat like other people do writing you want to buy their gold. When you get the hang of it you can move further on to sites like, & D3Scene. Be very aware of scammers (read further down)!

How to Determine Prices
"Of course, when buying gold, we need to know how to determine the correct price to pay. There are several ways to find an adequate buy price. An important thing to note is that the economy is all controlled by Asia. Chinese companies rule the virtual currency trade. They trade amongst each other on a site called This site actually shows very precise data on the market value of gold.
Begin by using Google to translate the page to English. The translation won’t be perfect, but it will be good enough to navigate the site and check prices. Once translated, you will see a drop down menu listing games. Choose Diablo III and then the correct server:

A common strategy in trading it to determine a maximum range you will buy your gold, in comparison to market price. When you are low reputation on forums, you may need to set this rate at, or around, Market + 5%. However, as you progress, you can eventually aim to be paying Market -10%. In the long run, all that really matters is what your items sell for in Diablo III. The market rate is simply a nice tool to gage prices, and to ensure you are kept updated in the case that prices rise or fall suddenly.
Tip: When beginning on forums, in order to build high feedback, start by paying around your breakeven price for gold. This will get you a lot of business quickly, and will make it much easier to find buyers in the future.

Tips to avoid scammers
- Never Go First to Randoms: Random people whoa dd you, with no feedback/etc, are high risk. Do not front them money. Always ask to see their forum profile. Tell them to trade in increments, offer to buy 1 Million at a time until they feel comfortable.

- Ask to see the Product: Always ask to see the gold before sending any money. This eliminates a ton of scams, as most scammers do not have the gold to sell in the first place. Ask to see it in-game, don’t accept any excuses.

- Always Trade in Increments: No matter how trustworthy someone appears,always trade in increments (smaller amounts). Increase these as the trades go along. For example, someone is selling 100M D3 gold. If they look trustworthy, and have shown you the gold, start by buying 5M. If that goes well, do 10M more, then 20, etc. This method keeps your money safer, and discourages scamming.

- Take Screenshots/Videos: Always take screenshots of conversations, or even better, record them on video.

- Search the Other Party on Google: Google is a great research tool. The best thing to
search is the user’s Skype Name / MSN address / Email address. This will pop up any forum accounts, on any sites where the user has posted their contact information. If you find any banned accounts linked to the user’s contact information, assume the worst.

- Scammer Behavior: Most scammers exhibit similar behavior. From my experience, scammers will always try and rush through a trade. They are always in a hurry. They are also easily aggravated. They are more likely to swear, be abusive, and rude in general." - R2Pleasent's RMAH Guide