Saturday 10 November 2012

[Monk] Infinite Tempest Rush Video

It's not a great example talking, drinking, forgetting to clear inventory, letting SW fall and such but this should give an expectation to a tempest rush run: Here's a run ignoring fleet footed for 24% movement speed. I took the 2 spirit talent and dropped SoJ. After this run I used the templar and equipped another attack speed item. It feels like it could be better, more things die and more gold is picked up. What's interesting here is my only gear swap is ONE spirit regen helm. I assume most have 4pc inna's. If I used a life on kill skorn the cost would be minimal, and if I gained more damage than my skorn, I could drop the breath of heaven for either SSS or serenity to combat reflect damage. Thus the cost of this run vs regular gear is very minimal.