Tuesday 4 December 2012

A Budget Barb for Every Occasion. Leveling/Farming, Ubers, Keys.

Ciao, il mio nome รจ and cdxliv run a D3 stream at www.twitch.tv/cdxliv where they have a balanced mixture of viewer runs, giveaways and educational content.

Ever since they released the big mac barb guide (only follow the skill section and the mechanics section the AH section is now obsolete in terms of best efficiency ) I have built more than 100 more barb kits for viewers and giveaways. I would like to think my set building skills have improved drastically since the early days of the stream and I would like to release an updated collection of vods for a variety of different barb builds that will help out a new barb in every situation.

  • 750K MP8 UBER BARB you have to use this with a budget CM that can perma lock down. It's super cheap way to get the hellfire ring if your main class is struggling with the fights .
  • 100K MP0 REND FARM BARB if millions of gold seems like an astronomical number to you then this is your starter barb, it's purpose is to FARM and Paragon Level with the best bang for the buck. consult the rend video below for spec explanation.
  • 10M MP10 WW BARBThis is just to survive high MP with it's a WW kit that can live on MP10 but will thrive on mp7-8 it's for the WW purist if they still want to go with this spec.
  • MP0-1 REND BARB TUTORIAL, 80-120M EXP/HR This is what every barb should be using for both MF and P leveling, it is by far the most efficient way for barbs to do it
  • 10M WW/Hota Hybrid Build I believe this is the new meta game shift for barbs, by replacing a single skill for Hammer of the Ancient this kit can farm for Keys faster than pure WW still has the mobility of WW and can also do Ubers faster.

You absolutely DO NOT need to build many different sets, in fact the only thing that requires changing between sets are the skills and the weapons maybe the jewelry. In reality you can have a swiss army knife Barb for 15M that can transform itself by just swapping weapons and jewelries.

Happy Barbing Everybody!