Thursday 13 December 2012

[Video] Tempest Rush Monk - 100M exp/hr

Found this video today, thought I would share.
His profile:
Songs are themes of Ken and Guile from street fighter 2 for the snes.

He got lucky with crater 2 spawn. I was using exp logger through 80 levels of my 2h speedrunner barb, doing alk runs. Results are quite interesting, exp vary a lot depending on density in area. Crater 2 is not just about elites or stacks, it is about scorpion density. I could get up to 140mil/h out of crater 2 alone if I got lucky and map was filled with scorpion (and going there with 5 stacks previously charged).

Also, rakkis crossing, for build that can't autotarget with aoe, so tempest rush monk or ww barb is one of worse areas in terms of exp/hour. You get more from fields of slaughter (not much but few % more). Best exp is crater 2, and after that keeps 2.

I like the idea of skipping alkaizer run start, so you don't waste exp/h ratio on running low density areas such as core arreat and tower level 1.