Friday 14 December 2012

[Monk] One of the funnest and most efficient Infinite TR builds / gearing Ive tried thus far

Ok, so my words wont do it justice but I was messing around this evening and came up with a pretty cool variant, gear wise, to the standard TR build.


That is what I swap to after I do a 157K SW snapshot using my 1392 DPS Skorn and you want to talk about melting things - wow!

I wanted to be able to utilize both my HF and Leorics ring while at the same time doing enough DPS through gear and skills. If it wasnt for the dual exp rings I would use a SoJ on one hand and go with Submission but since I do use both exp rings I had to think of another way.

Now using a Maximus isnt a new concept but I dont think Ive ever seen anyone use a pair of magefists. At first I wasnt sure how the "Fire skills deal XXX more damage" affix would work since I didnt snapshot with either the magefist or maximus equipped but it does and provides some massive damage when used with the SW: Firestorm rune.

Now another thing that I did with this gearing is that I went with a 24% SW bonus from my helm and my SoJ. That obviously helps and I throw that out there for people to be aware of.

Normally I TR with a pair of MS Ice Climbers but wanted to see if firewalkers added anything to the mix. After five runs - I dont know. I saw 4-5K tics so Im assuming its doing at least a little damage, more than my Ice Climbers would anyways, plus it kinda goes with the whole build :p

Oh and I would be remiss If I didnt mention the Demon that is invoked by the Maximus. I would say he was with me 50% of any given run and seemed to do a good bit of damage. Add to that the fire chain that joined my toon to him and it was a blast to play.

Anyway, just offering up a fun and useful alternative to a perhaps normal TR gear layout.

EDIT: Well turns out I jumped the gun a bit. What I assumed was a benefit of +Fire damage was more than likely a result of me adding and additional +12% over what I usually run with. The posting was not a total loss though as we discovered that Magefists equipped AS PART OF THE SW SNAPSHOT provide some crazy damage when SW:Firestorm is used. In fact, those gloves outperform a pair of 228 Dex / 43CD gloves. Anyway, thanks to everyone who commented :)