Sunday 13 January 2013

If you are planning on botting, at least exit it before you start streaming...

VoD Check out the very beginning.
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Call him rude, call him an ass, call him whatever you want and hate him away. But, I honestly enjoy the stream (I still do). Yeah it can be uncomfortable if he's irritable and he gets snappy with Pan, but hey shit happens and they seem happier since he moved to Arizona.. But basically the back story here is that he got banned for what he claimed to be "account sharing". When he called up Blizz about it, he claimed they asked him if anyone else had logged into his account and he had said that his girlfriend, Pan, and his brother had logged into. Because he said that over the phone, he claimed that the Blizzard rep said they couldn't unban his account.

Apparently what really happened is he was botting and, more then likely, got banned for that and not account sharing.

I have a disappoint

TLDR: Don't forget to close your bot before you go on stream