Sunday 13 January 2013

Oh dear lord blizzard, please don't make me press craft 1100 times to make a top level gem.

So, I'm fine with the idea of another tier of gem I guess (a little strange but w/e). But, at 3 seconds per craft it will take (1+3+9+27+81+243+729)*3 seconds/60 = 54.65 minutes

of doing nothing but clicking. Please for the sake of all of our wrists, give us a craft all button, and/or decrease the craft time to 1 second (or less).

edit: I've seen a few people saying that I shouldn't craft from chipped anyway. To be clear, I'm starting with flawless square gems. To craft the new gem from chipped would take 93312 clicks, or in other words 194.4 days.

I also get that you can buy top level gems from the AH, but someone is crafting those gems, and a large portion of the population is using at least a top level emerald for their weapon and/or a ruby/topaz for their helm.

edit 2: whoops, not 194.4 days from chipped, that's only to craft all your chipped into flawed (and I forgot the lower tiers only take 2 gems to make). To craft a top level gem from chipped it would actually take 580.92 days