Thursday 28 February 2013

TIL: When you hit paragon 50, you are only 20% of the way to paragon 100

The last 10 levels blow. HARD. It's a very, very rough grind, but being level 100 is worth it IMO. Everyone is in awe and respects you. Legendaries pretty much rain, and you have a big stat bonus compared to low level PLs. 300 primary stat + 100 other stats is the same as giving you a free gear slot with a perfectly rolled piece.

The problem with paragon levels is the lack of an ending reward. When  I was plvl 97 I diden't see it as my first goal to reach 100. Yes, I did want to hit 100 but what's more to benefit from where I was now. OK, I gained some more main stat, vit, etc but I have maxxed out MF with just one piece and follower, when I passed plvl 85. Even with nearly maxxed mf I diden't think there were so much difference. I don't know what, but there should be an other extra reward when you hit 100.