Sunday 31 March 2013

Enable Monster Power needs removed...hopefully next patch.

I've explained to at least 10 people this week alone, what Monster Power is and how to enable it. The worst one was this WD who had pretty decent gear and paragon lvl 4. It's almost embarrassing because here's a player that's playing through the game and is at a disadvantage because they missed a patch note. At this point, there's no reason to not have it enabled...just remove the option.

Have a tooltip that when you click Monster Power or hover over it, explains briefly about what it does. I hope a dev/cm sees this and is able to do something. Seems a lot of people are coming back and 100% clueless about MP, Paragon, Keys, new crafting etc etc.

 added image to WD asking in trade not sure what MP was after we were talking about key runs etc.