Sunday 31 March 2013

[Monks]Introducing, the Monk "Toolbox"...

Hello Monks,

What we have here is a basically a merging of Meto’s Monk Spreadsheet and my TR spirit calculator and my Damage Mitigation Tools. Meto has been gracious enough to let me make some updates to his sheet and incorporate my additions.

So what is new in this edition:

  • A 3rd generator has been added to the Combination Strike buffs
  • Fixed Transgressions AS bonus value
  • Added a Damage Mitigation Calculator
  • Added a TR Passive Spirit Calculator.

Maybe I should give a basic rundown of what the spreadsheet actually does, in case you are unfamiliar with it. Metos sheet is built around the “cookie cutter” monk build…FoT/SW. It will show you the breakdown of the damage you get from FoT, from SW and from the Cyclones. The summary sheet within the spreadsheet will take all your inputs and output:
  • DPS
  • EHP
  • Combat Spirit Regeneration
  • Life regeneration stat
  • Etc… is basically d3up on steroids :)

The file has a “How to use” tab but I just want to say that the first thing I would do, after entering your DPS, EHP and Life Regen stats is to zero out all buffs (with the possible exception of STI) and make sure that what is displayed matches d3up. Ex:

Keep in mind that there may be some slight differences between the spreadsheet and whats displayed on d3up but it should be VERY close.

Some may wonder why I am calling this the “Monk Toolbox”. I just figured that since it has several “tools” in it now, that “toolbox” was an appropriate name. At its heart it remains Metos spreadsheet, I just added some tools to help all Monks. My initial thought process is discussed more here

Ok then, here is the "toolbox"

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Oh, btw, you will have to d/l it for it to work

EDIT: This is the link to the variant that accounts for the hidden average damage affix on some jewelry items