Tuesday 5 March 2013

Introducing Diablo Knowledge (D3 Education for Beginners)

Here are some educational D3 content from  the past couple of weeks that is aimed towards complete beginners to Diablo 3, that are trying to wrap their head around the various game mechanics, the auction houses, and of course, items themselves.

Experienced players might get some use out of the information I'm sharing, but this is primarily for new players.

I've uploaded the first video of a multi-part series of videos titled "The Basics of Items" to youtube, you can find it here:


In this series He will be covering:

  • How to read primary stats on items (link to that video is above)
  • How to look at stat combinations in relation to item slots. 

He will have additional video series in the coming weeks to cover many more topics, such as:

  • Stacking magic find vs. focusing on efficient paragon leveling 
  • Ways to make gold -How to price check rares and legendaries

He will be releasing new content 2 - 3 times each week. With that said, he would like to ask the beginner players that encounter this thread: What are some topics you would like me to cover? What else would you like to learn about Diablo 3?