Wednesday 6 March 2013

[Monk] Wave of Light - spammable build, working very well for me (fast ML6 as geared).

This build replaces spirit building attacks as the main source of damage with Wave of Light. It is focused on gaining spirit fast, and having high spirit reserves for spamming Wave of Light (Bells). Once I got used to it, and figured out how to use it well, I clear most trash and elite packs with Wave of Light, only using Fists of Thunder to gain spirit.

It adds the benefits of high crit percentage / speed (cyclone spawn) by also filling a 250 spirit pool in a couple of seconds. This allows 6-7 bells to be dropped in succession, each one hitting for ~900% damage.

Thoughts / Comments welcome, I'd love to hear from other monks that try this out.

Active Skills
  • Fists of Thunder - Quickening 15 spirit per crit
  • Sweeping Wind - Cyclone the usual cyclone spawn
  • Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath Optional, I like the easy extra damage
  • Serenity - Ascension The oh-crap power
  • Wave of Light - Empowered Wave The damage with this build is impressive - Empowered Wave is important to keep the spirit costs low 
  • Mantra of Conviction - Overawe for obvious +damage
Passive Skills
  • One With Everything Unless you have the resist not to need it
  • Seize the Initiative Unless you have the armor not to need it

Exalted Soul This increases the spirit pool by 100, it is key to using Wave of Light as often as possible