Wednesday 20 March 2013

Wizard: Meteor is getting pretty popular again. Here is my take on it.

Skills and why I chose them

Meteor - Liquefy
Good damage dealer on impact and with a high critchance the 8 second pools are able to deal more damage over all than molten impact and generate a lot more procs for all the other skills.

Energy Twister - Wicked Wind
Starter motor for the meteors, low dmg high LoH to leech back up or against reflect.

Frost Nova - Deep Freeze
Deep freeze is an insane damage boost to the build. It lets more meteors crit, this leads to a lot more procs from the 8 second pools. And those procs generate more shocking aspect hits.

And the 3 standard choices from shocknadoshards:

Diamond Skin - Diamond Shards
Nice EHP boost and damage dealer all in one package, what's not to like?

Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect
We all know and love Shocking Aspect from the standard shocknado build. And surprisingly it works just as well here.

Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction
Lots of procs and good damage.

Passives: CM - Cold blooded - Conflagration. No surprises here.

Here is how it looks like in action
(If you don't have a Monk Pet yet... get one now :-D)

Liquefy Procrate
I was really surprised how many procs Liquefy is able to generate. I thought the pools only do something like 1 or 2 hits per second, with a pretty poor coefficient. It felt like a lot more.

Has anyone here more info on this?