Sunday 28 April 2013

Two ideas that would make me excited as hell to keep playing Diablo 3

I must admit I play more SWTOR these days, but here are some input on what would make me want to play more Diablo 3:

Once your jeweler learns the cut, he will be able to use an "Insatiable Gem" to socket an "Insatiable Void" into an item.

"Insatiable Gems" drop randomly in the world. As you feed materials into the gem, it slowly grows in power. The materials that you feed into the gem determine how it will grow. For example, placing green gems will grow it in dexterity, yellow gems will grow it in intellect. Placing gold into the insatiable gem will increase it's gold find, grey items will increase armor. White items will increase it's pickup radius. Blue and yellow items will increase its magic find, and feeding in legendary items has unknown effects. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell how much an insatiable gem has grown in power before it is attached to an item.

You can continue to feed items into an unsocketed Insatiable Gem indefinitely. At any time you may seek out your jeweler and have him attach an insatiable gem onto an item, and it will imbue that item with increased stats based on the types and quantities of items that have been fed into the gem. Once attached, the gem creates an "insatiable void" on the item - and you can continue to feed items into the void to add stats to the gear (at a slightly lower rate of return than before it was attached.) HOWEVER, attaching the gem to an item prevents you from selling or trading that item to another player. The gem can never be removed.

Chaos Orbs

We all get into ruts sometimes, and need a reason to mix things up. Chaos Orbs are meant to break you out of your rut by giving you a reason to try a different playstyle, without requiring you to buy an entirely different set of gear or play a different class.

Chaos Orbs drop randomly from mobs, and alter the behavior of your spells or provide a new passive ability. Chaos Orbs cannot be traded or sold, and are ethereal - meaning they will dissappear over time. Orbs will drop with a random duration between 2 and 4 hours of playtime. There are 2 types of orbs: Universal, and Class-specific. You can only equip 1 of each type at a time, and in addition to your equipped orbs you may only carry 1 of each type. (Example: You have 2 orbs equipped and 2 in inventory, no new orbs will drop for you.) Class-specific orbs will only drop for the class you are currently playing.

Some examples of Chaos Orbs:

  • 10% chance to cast a duplicate spell that uses a random rune variant
  • Your crit chance is increased by 10% of your critical hit damage
  • Killing an enemy increases your run speed by 1% for 5 seconds (Can exceed cap) but damage you take is increased by your run speed.
  • Access to abilities from other classes
  • Magic find reduced to 0, gold find increased by double your magic find.
  • All attacks do AoE damage equal to double your pickup radius.
  • Gain 50% of thorns damage as healing

  • Meteor strikes land instantly
  • Each cast of Magic Missile also casts Arcane Torrent: Death Blossom
  • Ray of Frost now penetrates all targets

  • Frenzy now hits all targets within 10 yards
  • Weapon throw no longer costs fury, instead generates 2 fury
  • Call of the Ancients: Summoned Ancients now last until killed (they inherit your baseline armor, resist, and HP)

  • Attack speed of Crippling Wave increased by 100%
  • While Sweeping Wind is active, each enemy you kill adds 1 second to the duration of Sweeping Wind
  • Lashing Tail Kick: Hand of Ytar & Spinning Flame Kick no longer have a spirit cost

Demon Hunter:
  • Your Rapid Fire can now be channelled while moving
  • Entangling Shot has a 10% chance to activate Fan of Knives: Crippling Razors at the impact site
  • Bola shot now detonates instantly upon impact
  • All hatred generating attacks have damage increased by 250%, but now cost half the hatred they would normally generate

Witch Doctor:
  • Toads generated by Plague of Toads persist for 10 seconds, up 50 active
  • Travel speed and damage of Spirit Barrage increased by 100%
  • While Angry Chicken is active, each enemy you kill adds 1 second to the duration of Angry Chicken

When a chaos orb expires, you receive the buff "Lawful", increasing damage, armor, and resistances by 10%. Lasts until you equip a new chaos orb.

In order to equip a Chaos Orb, you will need to complete a quest by obtaining a chaotic organ from each Act end-boss: The Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, and Diablo. These are a 100% drop chance at MP1 and above. This will inscribe you with a band of chaos, adding two new inventory slots where you can place Chaos Orbs.

  • Each time you die while a Chaos Orb is equipped, you lose 20 minutes from its remaining duration.
  • Chance for Chaos Orbs to drop fluctuates based on what you have out of 4, at increments of 25%. (If you have 4 of 4, 0% chance to drop. If you have 2 equipped but none in inventory, +50% chance. If you have none equipped or in inventory, +100% chance.
  • As you feed your insatiable gem, you CAN see the quality as it grows from grey, white, blue, yellow...legendary? in color.