Saturday 27 April 2013

Itemizing a monk from the ground up

I've been away from the game for such a long time (almost pre 1.04)

and I've recently decided to get back to the game again, I feel that I've gotten myself stuck into a corner when itemizing my monk previously (basically whenever I found a better dps upgrade, it ruined my EHP horribly, or vice versa)

I also need to re-think my itemization choices regarding resists (is there any particular resist that comes cheaper than others overall?

is it better to get both ALL RESIST + single resist on each slot, or is it possible to achieve better results using only single resists combined with OWE and aiming for high values, in order to free some of the item budget for better stats ?

I don't want to gradually go through phases of itemization and gear progressions or "tiers", I would prefer to know what's the preferred ideal combination of stats / and the values I should be looking for per each slot, and aim to target these high/maximum values for each slot on a per slot basis instead of upgrading each slot just a little bit.

sorry for rambling on, but what I'm trying to say is a little bit unformulated in my mind.

Here is a profile, to get an idea about what I was building before.

I have no clue what the maximum values for each roll on each slot is, and what is the most optimal combination of special stats that would be beneficial if you are min/maxing (I saw that there's a SOJ legendary now that adds % dmg to elites?)

TL/DR what is the best in slot item build for monks (not in item name wise, but stat value wise per slot, within the maximum rolls and combination of rolls allowed by the game)