Monday 8 April 2013

Secret of Exploding Palm in Group, MP10 Ghom/Rakanoth speed-kill in 14s!

Today I would like to reveal the secret (or the truth) behind Exploding Palm in group, have you ever wonder whether exploding palm explosion stacks with each other when multiple player uses it? How about the exploding damage you do at the end in group? Here you go:

The exploding damage does stacks with each other but it's not stack based on solo player exploding damage (a lot of people think so, included me before), the exploding damage is calculated based on the total HP when you are playing in group but the secret is exploding palm losses it's efficiency when you are playing with multiple players.

The exploding palm explosive do 50% flat damage from the max HP when you are playing in solo, it then goes down to 30% of total HP when you play in 2 man group, in three man it goes down to 15% and finally in 4 man group, you drop down to only 10%. So if there are 4 people in the group, I apply exploding palm and the explosive damage will only be 10%, but this is stack-able, if all 4 of us apply exploding palm then you get 40% explosive damage.

You can take a look at this table for all the details and also the actual exploding damage you do when you do MP10 Ghom/Rakanoth Ubers. 

The Uber build explosive damage is close to the max explosive damage you could do if you fully buff yourself.

A video explanation done during a stream:

The exploding palm is also buff-able, but I will not go into detail here, if you want, you can read a SP guide here:

Lastly, just to demonstrate Exploding Palm can be powerful even in 4 man group if you know how to buff yourself for max exploding damage, here is a video of a guy doing single 126m explosive damage at the end. Ghom/Rakanoth speed-kill in just 14s!