Wednesday 24 April 2013

Will my item sell? An AH guide.

I have noticed that over the past couple of weeks many people have been unsure of what will sell in the auction house. In response to this I refered them to this outdated google doc (credit goes to kolchin04 for creating this) that had values back from 1.0.5.

I figured that it was probably time to update it, so this was my result.

Any feedback would be great, and I will incorporate anything that any of you all think is missing.

Hope this helps you guys out, and Happy Hunting.

EDIT: I changed some stuff for rings, amulets and gloves. Also for offhands and quivers legendaries are the only right choice anymore so I changed the sheet to display that. Thank you to SirDoug and vexagon for these suggestions.

EDIT 2: In regards to pricing: Search similar and then decide which stats are the most important and then get rid of the rest. After that drop the values by 15% and undercut the lowest price by 10% and make that your buyout.

EDIT 3: Added a few notes about one handers and skill specific skills.

EDIT 4: exaltedgod made it a downloadable document.