Tuesday 11 June 2013

Legendary Drop Bug?

The weirdest thing happened today in a game with some friends on mp8 Act 1. Within the first 20 seconds of us starting to get our stacks in festering woods I got 1 legendary. Then another. And then another.

As the run kept going on I was getting an average of 1 legendary per minute. None of my friends were sharing in the luck though. At first I thought I just got some kind of lucky seed for the game, but then I noticed that some of the legendaries being dropped didn't have a star symbol on the minimap, so I started taking pictures of the drops. Here's an album of the pictures I've collected.

Link here

Then I noticed that one of the legendaries dropped (the two handed sword) had a star, so I'm a little confused. Most of the drops did not in the end, even after the sword dropped however.

Also note how some of the weapons shared the same dps rolls before being identified (including a polearm that did have a star on its drop, and one that did not) but then had completely different stats after identification.

I ended up with this many legendaries after 1 run (plus 13 I had brimstoned after festering woods while I still thought it was a lucky seed with bad drops)

Either way, in the end I'm fairly certain that it was some kind of bug. Hopefully this can get to the top so that blizzard can see it. It's a self-post as well so I don't gain any karma for it.

If you have any ideas, please share them. Thanks!

Edit: Sorry, it seems some of the pictures in the first album are a little messy. I was in a bit of rush while taking them. Here though is a link to just four pictures showing the polearms before and after identification.

This isn't the only pair of drops that had the same dps before identification, but different stats afterword either. It happened with three different two handed mighty weapons too, but I don't have the pictures for them for before identification, sorry >.<

Edit: I've been trolled hard by my friends. Thanks guys