Wednesday 12 June 2013

Diablo 3 expansion won't arrive until 2014

A VentureBeat source claims that Blizzard have ruled out a release until next year. This despite a recent influx of staff to the project from the developers’ unannounced Titan MMO, which was recently returned to the drawing board.

Blizzard have kept schtum on the Diablo expansion since its existence was confirmed in anearnings call last November, and have never made a public announcement on the subject.

A Blizzard spokesman contacted GamesBeat to take issue with their use of the word “delay”, and to point out that Diablo 3 expansion has never had a release date. They didn’t seek to correct any other details of their report, however.

This week, we learned that Diablo has acquired a new game director: Josh Mosqueira, the man previously responsible for the game’s PS3 version. Mosqueira began his reign with a pledge to make item drops more meaningful and reduce the impact of the Auction House - in other words, to follow to the letter the strategy already laid out by his team.

Fingers crossed for more news on the expansion at BlizzCon this November. What would you like to see in it? Aside from demons, obvs.