Monday 17 June 2013

New Diablo 3 trailer shows chaotic split-screen co-op play

 After the recent announcement of the release date of Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 3, Blizzard has released a trailer for the game that shows us how a game of Diablo 3 on split-screen co-op—a feature unique to the PlayStation 3 version—would look. Check it out:


 The PlayStation 3 version of the game makes good use of the entire screen by showing characters' health and energy bars at the corners. Despite the frantic action going on, the PlayStation 3 seems to be able to handle it quite well. Sense can be made of the chaos thanks to the clearly-marked rings below characters that shows which character is which. The PS3 version of Diablo III has been tailored for the PlayStation 3 with updates to the game's boss battles, a new user interface featuring a console controller-centric control system, and a dynamic camera perspective. Players can take on the vile denizens of the Burning Hells alone or in a party of up to four people via same-screen local cooperative play, online play over the PlayStation Network, or any combination of online and local players.