Tuesday 18 June 2013

Inferno Tips for New Players

Inferno Tips ( 1.0.8 )

Inferno is brutal. You will die and die a lot, but you’ll die a lot less by playing smart and safe. The following tips and tricks will help you survive Inferno like a pro.

Defensive skills are critical to surviving Inferno. Use them early and often until you get used to the new difficulty level.

Focus on survivability when you start each new Act. Slowly add damage oriented gear and skills as you begin to farm the current Act for gear before moving to the next Act.

Each Act of Inferno increases the level of the monsters and as a result the difficulty of Inferno greatly increases with each Act.

Bosses in Inferno have new abilities that are not used in prior difficulty modes. Be on the lookout for new attacks.

Move slowly. Pull monsters at maximum range (full screen width) whenever possible.
Always have an escape route and path for kiting monsters.

Snares and stuns have a much shorter duration in Inferno than the other difficulties, but they’re still critical for your survival.

Never kite monsters back to a checkpoint or waypoint. They’ll be waiting for you on your return!
Rare and Champion monsters in Inferno have enrage timers. You cannot kite them indefinitely.

Separate Champion monsters from their packs whenever possible. It’s difficult, but makes fights much easier.

If necessary, you can kite Rare and Champion monsters away from an area (checkpoints, waypoints, etc) and die. The monsters will stay where you died and leave the path open for where you need to go.

Learn when to fight and when to run. A bad set of Monster Affixes means certain death. Reset and try again if you get a really bad set of affixes.

For soloing, the Enchantress is a strong choice in Inferno with her many crowd control abilities and Armor buff. Check out the Follower guide for details.

Gearing Up
Resists and Armor offer huge returns for increasing survivability. Check out the Inferno Stats page for information on what survival stats to stack for Inferno and in what amounts.

Get Movement Speed on your boots. Inferno mobs move faster than other difficulty levels and Movement Speed makes kiting much easier.

Do not stack the “% Damage to Life” stat. This stat is only 20% as effective in Inferno and not worth using. Life on Hit and Life Regeneration are 100% effective in Inferno and improve your survivability.

Always get a helm with a socket and use an Amethyst (% Life) for progression content.

Improve your farming efficiency by using a helm that has an Emerald (% Extra Gold) or Topaz (% Magic Find) gem.

Regularly check items and the AH for new item stats. Items dropped in Inferno contain stats not available anywhere else in the game.