Wednesday 3 July 2013 desktop client Beta test started!

've been using it for a few weeks now, it's quite nice. The only thing I don't like is not being able to chat with friends. Someone at Blizzard did mention that they thought of it but were trying to figure out how to properly implement it (or something like that).

"Play" button on the Diablo page takes you straight to character screen (No launcher + autologin in-game) looks pretty much like steam, but for blizz games only. I like the idea of having such a platform very much, but I hate having like 5 plattforms at the same time, bc every company is doing their own thing. steam, origin, uplay and now blizz.. cmon.. this is actualy one thing that consoles do better than pcs. on ps you have psn and on xbox you have xbox live.. that's it. you have all you friends in one list and you go from there for everything. on pc it's scattered.. and yes.. I know why.. it's all about the money.