Tuesday 9 July 2013

Killed by a Chubby Purple Unicorn

So, I died to a Chubby Purple Unicorn today with my first hardcore character ever. I had my P20 Barbarian in Inferno MP1. I'm still wondering exactly what happened because my barb handles that area in MP1 with ease. I didn't see a rubber banding effect, I didn't disconnect, but the end result is that I am dead.

This was my first HC character ever (Diablo 2 or 3). When starting out it was amazing how much excitement I had to have a blank slate and a huge challenge. I followed everyone's advice and took my time and went through inferno completion to get a feel for it. I was fortunate to have a good drop which allowed me to gear up nicely along the way.

After dying I stared at my screen in disbelief thinking I should be furious given how much gear and time I lost, but strangely I wasn't. Being a single dad of 4yr old twins means I have very little time, and the excitement of HC had me using every spare moment I had (and sleep time) playing away. I only mention this to put in perspective what I meant by time lost because I know my logged hours are nothing compared to others.

Is it weird that I am slightly amused by how I died mixed in with my disappointment for losing my barb? Anyways, I guess I need to get motivated to bring up another character and thought I would share the craziness I just experienced with everyone.