Saturday 20 July 2013

Cosmetic Slots: Bringing style back to Sanctuary

Have you seen a Wizard recently? There's a 90% chance they were either white, purple or running around in their underwear. This is because the best chest armor for Wizards only come in white or purple. I'm sure other classes are experiencing the same lack of style.

Blizzard has already spent time making some pretty cool looking armor/weapons, for example:

Sadly most of these armors/weapons are far below level 60 and never see use beyond their small level range, wasting the art assets.

To solve both of these problems I propose adding Cosmetic Slots as an addition to the player's normal equipment slots:
  • "Equipment" slots determine what items are used for stats, "Cosmetic" slots determine what items are used for appearance.
  • There is a cosmetic slot for each of the player's visible items (i.e. chest, boots, pants, gloves, helm, weapon, offhand).
  • Pressing a button on the inventory panel will swap from showing equipment slots to cosmetic slots, allowing you to manage each independently.
  • If a cosmetic slot is empty the item in the equipment slot is used for appearance instead.

As an example, a Wizard might choose to wear Tal Rasha armor for its stats (in equipment chest slot) but make it appear like Heart of Iron (in cosmetic chest slot).

(note: this idea is shamelessly stolen from Terraria)