Tuesday 16 July 2013

Quick Gearing Tip for Fresh 60's

I just recently hit 60 on my new wizard and was struggling through inferno with only ~30k dps. I did a bit of searching around but I couldn't find anything similar, but I apologize in advance if this is old.Please note this may just be common sense but it may end up helping some of you.

Also this does not require loads of money I was sitting on around 500k gold when I started and over a few days rose my damage to ~150k unbufffed.

Naturally go to the auction house and add in some parameters like level 55+ or whatever you want. For me it was mostly intellect and some other stats.

Now once you do that click search and sort the results by time left. Usually aim for 1-10 minutes remaining and there end up being a lot of ones selling for ~3-10k gold. Absolutely dirt cheap, they are not the best items in the game but they are a definite start. Just go through all your items and replace them, this may take a few days because not all the items will be there. You can also do this with min buyout but by using both that and time left you can find a fresh set of gear. Over the course of three days I found better gear and was at 150k damage unbuffed and had plenty of legendary's and set pieces.

Remember that there are auction house bots out there that will fight you for those cheap deals. If you find your self being out bid before you can even place your bid you are facing a bot. Either give up or pitch in more gold to see where his limit is. I found this to be ~100k when I tried but they are not all the same.

You can also use this method to buy this for less than 10k and place it for sale (depending on the item) much more expensive maybe even ten times the price.