Friday 12 July 2013

10 Years of botting. Why? (Blizz games $ more!)

This was mailed to me. Pretty interesting read about botters.

Hi all! Giving you some background on D3 botting and why Blizzard remains an easy target for cheaters such as myself. I'd be happy to post ppal shots or items sold if it makes for a more interesting discussion.
I'm what you could consider a 'casual' botter. I'm a single, American botter who relies on efficiency and simplicity. In my day job, I'm a data analyst for one of the largest Japanese corporations with a base in the US. My desktops are mostly used for video editing, so they function pretty well for botting.
In the past 16 months, I've gained $8240 botting D3 with a single computer (6 accounts running simultaneously, Americas and Asia) However, the total costs have been high as well. I was able to score 22 copies of D3 from best buy @ 29.99/ea back in November. I've burned through 12, and am currently using 13-18. I use one 3-session copy of Demonbuddy, and the other 3 accounts utilize the cracked DB, only initializing after tripwire has been cleared by the legit versions.
WoW used to be my main target, but the original EQ was my first foray into botting, where I camped PoE spots with a pally tank, cleric, and necro team. I've previously written my own simple scripts based on image recognition and manual click position input. (Think: AutoIt Sarkoth Runs),
Although D3 has been far from the most lucrative game to date(that goes to WoW, tied with ROTMG), but has remained the most rewarding in terms of ROI (effort-based).
I average $6-10 from daily botting now days. Around 3 months after D3's release it was nearly $38 a day.
I trade major ($80+) items by using a dummy account, which then posts items on RMAH, which I buy through blizzard acct $ on main acct and reposts. All accounts I use are RMAH accessible, but I've cloned the email address for everyone (this can be done in ppal settings), in case they were researched during a 'ban wave'.
I used to make 80% of my $ by selling gold through online sources such as jsp, CL, and even these very forums. Now, I pool all gold on my main (collector's edition acct) and purchase undervalued rings (@1d12h) and sell in RMAH.
The last ban-wave occurred around 6 months back. I'm currently treating the situation as if there is no looming ban-wave for bots, and trading between multiple accts without dummy items etc.
Basically, if you have a single D3 account, you can grind 8 hours in human form and end up broke and frustrated; OR... you can go live your life and bot a cracked DB session, and make $2.25 a day until the next expansion or loot upgrade comes.
And, sometimes, you'll get lucky and make a $250 sale.