Thursday 8 August 2013

Scam Alert! PLvL 51+ Monk selling Radiant Star Emerald for "cheap"

Not sure how long this has been going on since I don't play nearly as much and try to stay out of trade chat. I wont mention the battle tag because I don't want to start a which hunt. Just be wary of people selling cheap gems. Heres the story.

"[2. Trade][MrC...]: WTS [Radiant Star Emerald (10)] 16M per"

Sounds like a great deal. Too good to be true. First red flag. I tell him I only have enough gold for 8, but he insist on selling me 10. Second red flag. He puts the 10 gems in and I put the gold in and the trade window closes with no trade. Third red flag. Says the game told him I was busy and my inventory must be full, which it wasn't. Forth red flag. I go along with it and act dumb. Opens the trade window again and puts in 10 Gems and I put in the gold. I see the quick switch and there is now only 1 gem in the trade window. I hit accept and then he hits accept. Trade complete.

Now this guy is feeling all high and mighty till he realizes I "forgot" to put in an extra 0 and gave him 12.8m for 1 gem instead of the 128m he was expecting. We had our laughs and then he had the balls to ask me to trade him back the gem. That didn't happen.

Use your head people. Don't fall for this shit.